Light Gauge Foil

RAVIRAJ FOILS LIMITED manufactures light gauge converter foil with the following general specification. The final product specifications made as per agreed contract with the customers.

Foil Material :

Below 9 micron: Aluminium alloy AA8079 or AA1235 conforming to Aluminium Association, USA specification.

9 micron and above micron: Aluminium alloy AA8011, AA 8079 and AA 1235 conforming to Aluminium Association, USA specification.

Temper: Soft(Fully annealed; ’O’)
Thickness(mm): Below 0.006,0.006,0.00635,0.007,0.009,0.012,0.018,0.020,0.025
Width: 350 mm to 2100 mm
Thickness tolerance: ± 6%
Width Tolerance: ± 1 mm
Wet ability-Surface tension: Grade A or to withstand 72 dynes/cm on each surface of the foil.
Surface: One side matt and other side bright, Both side bright.
Stickiness: Material shall be free on 1.5 meter length load.
Type of Core: Aluminium or Steel
Core ID: 76.2 mm or 152.4 mm
Reel OD: Max. 850 mm(According to the customer order)
Splice: Shall be made of smooth ultrasonic welding throughout the web width.
Number of Splice: Average number of splices per roll shall not exceed two per roll.

Pin Holes:

Thickness (mm) Pin holes per square meter (Max.)
Below 7µm 450
8 -9 µm 150
10-12 µm 100
13 -16 µm 10
17.25 µm 1
>25 Free of pin holes

Physical Properties: Tensile strength: 65- 100 N/mm²( Test Condition: Measuring length:100 mm, sample width:15mm, testing speed:100mm/min

Thickness(mm) Elongation (%)
Below 7µm >1.0
8 -9 µm >1.5
10-12 µm >2.5
13 -16 µm >3
17-25 µm >4.5
>25 >5
Identification: Each reel is identified with a ticket having Product name, reel number, specification.
Packing: Rolls individually wrapped and secured to prevent damage or contamination in storage and/or transit. Placed in wooden box.
Test Certificate(COA): Test certificate incorporates (a) Thickness (b) Width (c) Wet ability (d) No of pin holes and any other information sought by the customer can also be given.
Food Grade :

This specification complies with all applicable EU Regulations and directives regarding food contact legislation in particular with

• EU Framework Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004

• EU Regulation (EC) No. 2023/2006 on good manufacturing practice.

• Directive (EC) 94/62, Article 11 and US CONEG regarding the heavy metal content of the sum of Pb, Cd, Hg and Cr < 100 ppm.

The used rolling oil complies with FDA 21CFR S 178.3910(a)

This specification complies with the following applicable European Norms: EN 573-3,EN 602